Replenishment calculation

The replenishment list lists parts that need to be ordered and restocked to fulfill the stocking criteria set up by the EOQ or MIN-MAX replenishment method. The list is stored in the REPLEN_MAIN table.  

Upon Insert, FASuite filters out the nonmatching related part data. The system then performs a replenishment review on all parts that are within the criteria specifications. The replenishment review determines whether a part needs to be replenished.  If a part has fallen below the specified replenishment guidelines for the part location, a record is generated in the REPLEN_MAIN table. The Replenishment Management screen displays the generated list, and you can review the list to determine the appropriate action for the parts.

The replenishment review includes the following tasks:

  1. Calculate the current available qty (CAQ).

CAQ = quantity on hand - quantity committed - quantity on hold + quantity on order + quantity pending transfer in + quantity pending rebuild + quantity pending transfer request + quantity pending requisitions + quantity out for repair

2. If the CAQ falls below the reorder point (EOQ) or minimum quantity value (MIN-MAX), the part needs to be replenished and a REPLEN_MAIN record is generated for it. Generating a REPLEN_MAIN record adds the part to the replenishment list.