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Overview - Purchasing


Purchase orders are used to order parts for inventory stock replenishment and to order parts required immediately for pending work orders.

If you are not using Enterprise Purchasing to manage parts, you can use the screens on the Purchasing menu to view parts to order and reorder; access information about vendors, contracts, and parts prices; create and update existing purchase orders; and specify how parts purchases are processed.

If you are managing parts BY ENTERPRISE, you will only be able to access the Data -> Purchasing -> Parts Order Management screen. You may also view historical purchase orders on the Parts Order Management screen, but all other functions (insert, update, copy, and delete) are disabled.

The Purchasing menu provides access to the following screens:


Parts due to be reordered based on current stock levels and rates of usage; generate purchase orders to reorder parts based on four values: (1) current quantity on hand, (2) current quantity on order, (3) reorder point defined for the part, and (4) reorder quantity defined for the part

Parts Order Management

Update existing purchase orders

Part Orders

Automatically generate purchase orders for parts to replenish stock

Quick Orders

Process part orders immediately for either stock replenishment or a specific need or work order

Vendor/Part Information

Parts vendor information

Vendor Contracts

Vendor contracts and their unit prices


Specify how purchasing options, vendor information, order header types, price types, and currency exchange are handled