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Report Rights Template

The Report Rights Template screen enables you to display and define report access rights. When associated with user groups, report access templates define the right to execute reports from the reports drop-down list in the system. When a new report becomes available with a new release, or when you are ready to implement new business processes for your employees (i.e., give them more or less access than they had previously), you only need to change the appropriate templates. You do not need to modify each individual user group to which the change applies.

The screen displays up to 9,999 reports. It applies to reports on the Query/Report Generator screen and Web Modules reports.

You can filter for the correct information by Template ID and Type (CRYSTAL or RPTGEN).

Detail View Header

Template ID

Unique identifier of the report access template currently selected in the grid. This field has a list box. To create a new report access template, type the template name in this field.

Detail View

Data in the fields in the bottom section of this tab define the report access for the template. All fields are optional.

Report Access Tab

Report name

Name of the report for which access is being defined. This field has a list box.


An x in this field indicates that users in the user group assigned this template have the right to create this report.


Type of object being defined (RPTGEN for internal Report Generator; CRYSTAL for Crystal Reports). This field is display only.