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Query/Report Generator

The Query/Report Generator screen enables you to view, design, and execute (run) quick queries and simple and complex reports. You can also use it to prepare data for export into spreadsheet programs, database programs, and other applications. See General screen instructions.

From the Manage tab, you can display or print reports with or without formatting. Quick view queries display quickly and do not reflect special formatting. Reports reflect specified formatting, such as titles, user-defined fields, and subtotals. You cannot close the Query/Report Generator screen while data is being retrieved for a quick view query or a report.

For step-by-step instructions on how to design a report, see report design.

To run the reports created on this screen, you can use this screen, issue a command, or assign reports to specific screens from which you can run them. To assign reports to specific screens, go the System Mgmt -> Setup -> Access Rights -> Report Groups screen. You can also use Web Modules or any other reporting tool sold separately (such as Microsoft Access) that can attach to the database. Refer to the related documentation for these products.

Although the location ID and equipment ID fields throughout the GUI were expanded, standard reports in the Query/Report Generator were not changed to accommodate the expansion. If you use more than 6 characters for a location ID or 12 characters for an equipment ID, you will need to modify your reports to ensure that they display the full number of characters.

The Query/Report Generator screen consists of three sections. The top section contains a list box of existing queries and reports that you are authorized to access. The middle section contains tabs from which you can define and manage queries and reports. The bottom section contains a window that displays the last report you queried or ran if you did not specify an output destination for the report.

The Query/Report Generator screen includes the following tabs. To learn more about each tab's functions and fields, click the applicable hyperlink.

Data Items

Data items in the software database (i.e., tables and columns) to include in the query or report  

User-defined Items

Custom information from the selected table (or tables) to include in the query or report


Order in which data items (rows) retrieved from the software database are displayed or printed


Rules that determine whether a query or report should include a row (or record) from a specific table


Subsections (levels of control) for selected data in the query or report


Format of a query or report, including column lineup, indents, section placement, and generation of graph reports


Save, run, or delete custom reports


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