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How to create import files that insert records

To create an import file that inserts database records:

Step 1.   If you need to create a new record, click the Prepare for Insert button and type values in the fields into which you will import data, including all required fields. To determine which fields are required in order to insert a record, refer to the Online Help for the screen.

If you know an existing record whose values match the ones you want to insert, click the Get Data button or select Get Data from the Action menu.

The screen fields populate with the retrieved record(s).

Step 2.   If you need to create more records. click the Copy button and copy the record to create a duplicate record. Repeat this step until you have created all the records you need.

Step 3.   Insert unique data (such as equipment ID) in each field that requires it.

Step 4.   To save the template and continue the batch creation process, go to how to create batch import templates.


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