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How to create batch import templates

A built-in program helps you create a template to generate the actual import data file. A single import file may only include transactions for one screen and one transaction type (insert, modify, or delete).  

Import file records are of variable length; a single new line character (hex 0d0a) follows each record. Commas separate fields within a record. Text values should not include trailing spaces.

To create a batch import template:

Step 1.   Access the screen for which you want to create an import template.

Step 2.   The procedure that you use to create an import file template varies by transaction type. Click the applicable hyperlink:

After you have created an import file template, continue with step 3 of this procedure.

Step 3.   To save the import file template you created in step 2, from the File menu, select Batch process -> Create.

The Open dialog box appears.

Step 4.   In the File name field, type a name and the file extension .imp (for import).

Step 5.   Navigate to the directory in which you want to store the file and click Open.

The system saves your file in the specified directory.

Sample batch import template  

Once the template file has been created, it can be populated with data. There are two methods:

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