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How to create import files that modify (update) records

To create an import file that modifies existing database records:

Step 1.   On the screen for which you will import data, click the Define Filter button.

The Filter dialog box appears.

Step 2.   Specify your restrictions in the Filter dialog box. When you execute the batch process to update database records, all records that meet the specified criteria are updated. To learn how to prepare data for individual fields, refer to the online Help for the screen.

Step 3.   Click the Get Data button.

The screen fields populate with the retrieved record (or records).

Step 4.   Click the Prepare for Update button to make the fields available for input.

Step 5.   Type new data in the fields that you will update. For example, to assign designated account IDs to a new account group, specify the new account group ID in the Account group ID field.

Step 6.   To save the template and continue the batch creation process, go to how to create batch import templates.


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