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How to execute batch processing from a command prompt

After you create a command file (.cmd), you must run it to process the batch file or files.

Step 1.  Open a command prompt.

Step 2.  Set the current directory to the application directory.

Step 3.  Type the following command at the prompt:

FA_GUI app_server_name:port USER ID/PASSWORD name of command file

For each line of the command file, the specified screen ID is loaded and the transactions in the batch file are processed. If a transaction cannot be processed, the rows are listed in an .err file with the message Requested data does not exist or is not available to user. The transaction and applicable error message are logged in an output file in the same directory as the import file. The file name is the same as the batch file and has an .rej extension.  

Once the batch process has finished, you should review the ERR and LOG files (and REJ files, if applicable) for any errors or rejected data.

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